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Brandon LC

Since 9 I have been a singer and I've been writing songs since 9 and at 15 I started recording my songs then two years later I bought a phone and a piano and started recording my songs with the music that's on the piano.I started rapping at 16 when I began recording with the I Am T-Pain Mic in 2012 from the raps that I begin writing in 2012.For 14 years I went to public schools and graduated in 2015, I started taking Chorus in middle school in 2010 and took it again in high school 3 years later.I took art class in middle school and in high school, I took Jrotc in high school too.More info about my singing is here I got my first dog in 2008 and named him Buddy then in 2010 I had gotten a dog, a Jack Russel and I named him Jack :) then I had gotten another dog and named him bones which was given to me and I have a dog now who's name is Bo and I grew up with chickens, horses, cows, birds and cats too lol.Also, Please follow the other Instagram accounts cdbabyartist and thebrandonlc so I am really known as Brandon LC A.K.A. The Brandon LC, cdbaby artist and itstherealbambam.